Backups ??

Backups are critical

Most people don’t realize until it’s too late that they should be doing regular backups.  There are many ways to backup.  In the “old” days we used floppies or zip disks.  Later it came to CD’s and DVD’s, and now we use tape, jump, flash, thumb, external drives, or memory sticks.  These methods work fine but are cumbersome, expensive and rely on human intervention to replace the backup media or even perform the backup if not setup automatically.
Now there is a new and easy way to backup files automatically.  You install a small program from the web and choose the files you want backed up, what time you want them backed up, and how often.  The files will then be automatically backed up by your computer over the web using encryption so they are secure and only you can retrieve them.
If you have 2Gb or less in total file and/or folder size to be backed up it is free.  If you have more than 2Gb, then the following chart shows that you can backup all the data you want for a reasonable fee.
Just click on the picture logo below the chart to sign up!
Storage Space       Yearly Rate
1000 GB USD 44.62 1st year
Storage Space   Yearly Rate
250 GB $74.62 1st year
500 GB $149.62 1st year
1250 GB $374.62 1st year
2500 GB $599.62 1st year


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